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 Join in the Russian Intelligence

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PostSubject: Join in the Russian Intelligence   December 21st 2016, 12:21 am


Russian Intelligence is the Russian Federation defense forces. Russian Intelligence provides for the regional defense of our region as well as going out to help defend regions that are attacked unfairly.


To join Russian Intelligence, you must qualify. Once you do, please follow the steps listed below under 'Application Profess.'

To qualify for Russian Intelligence you must:

1) Be a member of the WA.
2) Have been registered on the forum.
3) Have at least ten posts in the forum.

Application Process

If you qualify, apply for membership by just following these steps:

1) Answer the questions in the application form below.
2) Post your answers in the reply to this topic.

Russian Intelligence Application Form

1) What is your World Assembly nation's name?

2) Please list all other nations (puppets) you have anywhere in NationStates.

3) What prior experience do you having playing NationStates?

4) Which regions have you previously been a member of?

5) Have you ever invaded before?

6) Why do you want to join Russian Intelligence?

7) Have you ever been a member of an organization that Defends or Invades?

Cool What is your physical location? (Country in real life)

9) Skype (if you don't have Skype, could you get on Skype?):

10) I declare that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the information given in this application is correct: Yes/No
Deliberately providing misleading information in your Russian Intelligence Application is grounds for immediate removal from R.I.

11) I have read Russian Intelligence's Mission Statement, listed below, and swear to abide by R.I. rules if I am accepted: Yes/No

After your application is post, the President or the Minister of Defense will respond to confirm your acceptance, rejection, or ask further questions.

Founder - Russian Federation/Russian Intelligence
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Join in the Russian Intelligence
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