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 Constitution of the Russian Federation

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PostSubject: Constitution of the Russian Federation   December 20th 2016, 6:52 pm

Constitution of the Russian Federation

"The nations of the Russian Federation establish this Constitution to form a union and regional sovereignty based on rights and duties.

The articles described in this document should not be seen as unambiguous, but are principles mutually agreed upon by the nations of the Russian Federation. This Constitution not only seeks to unite nations in common belief, but also provides a basis for a stronger and safer Russian Federation, ensuring justice, coordinating common defense, and encouraging mutual respect."

Article I: Freedom of Religion

No nation of Russian Federation shall suffer any persecution or sanctions for any religious beliefs they may or may not hold. There shall be religious tolerance amongst the nations of the region.

Article II: The Right of Self-Determination

The governing body of the region shall make no law or regulation governing the internal operation of any nation state within the region. Each nation state will maintain the right to govern itself in accordance with its own desires.

Article III: Equality with Respect to the Law

The equality of all nations before the law is recognized. No nation shall be deprived of any right, privilege or immunity, nor exempted from any burden or duty unfairly.

Article IV: Freedom of Speech

Freedom of the press shall be an inalienable right in the Russian Federation. The free communication of thoughts and opinions is one of the invaluable rights of all nations. Nations and leaders may freely write and publish their sentiments on all subjects, as well as being responsible for the abuse of such right.

Article V: Conditions for Ejection

Whereas Russian Federation is a free region with open borders, conduct that will lead to a nation's ejection from the region should be clearly defined.

1. Spamming the Regional Message Board with repeated messages, or, messages containing disparaging remarks about the Russian Federation or its fine citizens, or, recruiting directly on the Message Board thereby disrupting Russian Federation business.

Spamming includes content that is:

    • obscene• illegal• threatening (in a non-game manner)• malicious• defamatory• disruptive

2. Any nation entering or inhabiting Russian Federation with a history of, or suspected of involvement in, invading activities may be subject to summary and instant banning from Russian Federation. Russian Federation will not harbor invader groups nor condone such activity.

3. Manipulate polls results with more nations.

4. In accordance with Russian Endorsement Rules.

Article VI: The Basis of Power

The position of President will be held by the Founder of Russian Federation until such time as President steps down from that position, or until such time as a majority vote calls on the President to resign. In case of a resignation, the Presidency of Russian Federation is transferred to the Prime Minister until a new President is elected.

Article VII: Regional Security

In the interest of regional security no nation may engage in the practice of verbal or written endorsement swapping. This means that no nation shall be allowed to telegram or post messages promising to swap endorsements. No other restrictions shall be placed on endorsements and nations are free to endorse whoever they please, including endorsing a nation because that nation endorsed them, so long as it is done out of free will and not mutual written or verbal agreement.

Article VIII: Government

1. The President of the Russian Federation makes overall decisions determining the course of Russian activities and alliances, the defense of the region and provides general stewardship. The policies of the President shall not impinge upon any nation of Russian Federation's sovereign rights. The President will also be held responsible for making and keeping Russian Federation great. The position of President will not be elected but will inherit the position by virtue of being Founder of Russian Federation. The President will handle all requests for Russian Federation opinions on WA matters.

2. All members of the Russian goverment shall be a member of the World Assembly. If a member of the goverment is not a member of the World Assembly at any time, said member shall contact the President immediately to discuss the reasons why. The President will have discretion to approve or deny their explanation.

3. All members of the Russian goverment shall serve as Regional Officers. All duties and powers shall be determined and assigned by the President, and may be subject to change without any advance notice. Any goverment member found to be abusing their power shall be subject to the provisions. Any further discipline will be at the discretion of the President.

4. The permanent positions of the government are:

    • President: Responsible for general structure, foreign policy and compliance with the constitution.• Prime Minister: Responsible for general internal affairs.• Minister of Defense and Intelligence: Responsible for general defense of the region, identifying threats, organizing and guiding defense missions.• Minister of Education: Responsible for receiving and guiding new members, teaching about the region and the game, and taking possible doubts.• Secretary of Recruitment: Responsible for promoting recruitment to the Russian Federation.

Article IX: Expulsion of Government Members

1. The President of the Russian Federation may dismiss any government member for the following reasons:

a. Prolonged inactivity without warning (defined as 28 days on NationStates or the offsite forum)
b. Gross misconduct
c. Non-compliance with the Russian Federation Constitution
d. The Government member voluntarily moves out of the Region of the Russian Federation (for any reason other than military or diplomatic missions as approved by the Government) and takes up residence in another region for a period of 5 consecutive days or a period of 10 days total out of any two-week period.
e. Ceasing to exist
f. The Goverment member willfully chooses NOT to achieve WA status after being elected or appointed to the Russian Government unless excused from doing so by the President.

2. Any nation, for the reasons stated in section 1, may request the dismissal of any Russian Goverment member, with the exception of the President of the Russian Federation. This request must be approved by a simple majority (greater than 50%) of the members of the Russian Assembly.

3. In the event of the dismissal of Government or Russian Assembly member as mentioned in section 1 or by request as mentioned in section 2, or resignation, the President may appoint a replacement Goverment or Russian Assembly member.

Article X: Automatic Nominations for Russian Assembly

All Nominated Nations for a Goverment position are Automatically Nominated for the Russian Assembly.

Article XI: Russian Constitution Follows NationStates Rules

No changes or amendments to the Russian Constitution will be made which would cause Russian Federation or any of the member nations of Russian Federation to be in conflict with the rules governing NationStates. Russian Federation is a part of NationStates and simply must follow NationStates rules.

Article XII: Endorsement Rules

No Russian Federation nation may have more than 50% of the number of nations endorsing it as the WA Delegate has endorsements. On the first offense, a nation that exceeds that number will be given 24 hours to correct it. Failing that, they will be asked to leave Russian Federation for 24 hours to clear out their endorsements. Upon the completion of that time, they may return. If the nation refuses, they will be ejected. On the second offense, the nation will be ejected and banned from Russian Federation.
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Constitution of the Russian Federation
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